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IT Services & Solutions

A unique, process driven approach to delivering outstanding results for our clients

On/Offshore Team Management

The best talent to build software is essential. We've built and managed teams in 7 countries (USA, Canada, India, China, Vietnam, Ukraine, Bulgaria). We specialize in the skills needed to manage offshore teams and make the Agile process work to keep projects on track and on budget.

SaaS, Paas, IaaS

We've spent 20 years perfecting the Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service delivery models for software development and management. His specialty is implementing these models for industrial-strength software development and deployment used by millions of users.

Security SIEM and IDS

Security Information and Event Management combined with Intrusion Detection Systems are used to protect corporate networks and applications monitoring suspicious activity. We specialize in IT security audits to help companies take their internal and external IT systems to the highest level to comply with modern security standards.

Mobile Apps Development

Building apps for the iOS and Android operating systems is very different. Screen sizes are just one hurdle to jump. Each one has its own programming language, and it takes specialized skills to take advantage of the native device features. We specialize is designing, developing, and deploying mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

Internet Marketing

Developing software applications is just the beginning of the process for a software product to become successful. It requires a combination of Internet marketing skills we've mastered including a responsive Website, SEO, PPC, Email, Video, PR and Social.

Search Engine Optimization

We've spent 15 years mastering the ins and outs of getting a website on page #1 in Google for the top keyword phrases. We can evaluate your current site for the top keywords to rank for, and apply a solid strategy to get your site on page #1.

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Our Process


We specialize in vendor management, staffing, and budget. It takes a lot of vendors to handle software development, internal systems, and technical support. Each vendor has their own budget which requires a coordination with our COO and individual department heads. In addition to vendors, I'm responsible for all IT staffing that's divided into CTOs, security teams, project managers, and help desk support.


We specialize in implementing the vision of the product management team. This involves a coordinated effort to move product development along the stages of wireframing, user-interface design, clickable-prototypes, programming, database design, staging, app store approvals, production, client implementation, analytics and release cycles.


We specialize in managing the security around your entire technology infrastructure and software hosting facilities. This requires an expertise and significant investment in SIEM (security information and event management) and IDS (intrusion detection systems) so our customer's data is safe and secure. We assure that all our platforms are PCI, FISMA, HIPAA/HITECH, SOX and ISO compliant.

Products and Services

As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Internet Merchants, I've designed, architected, and developed software products for a variety of industries that are used by millions of users.

Scrubber is used to perform the ETL process on client data files. It uses an innovative shopping-cart process where a data analyst controls file processing in stages that's not only simple to use, but has feedback reports that make client communication dead easy.

Secure Office is a back office portal that manages all client accounts for each product line. Using a one-click process to single-sign-on to a client's account allows customer service agents to quickly manage each client. The entire portal is white-labeled for each client allowing for total customization.

Prognosis is used by doctors to collect the usage of Rx/OTC medications and nutritional supplements taken each day/week/month by their patients associated with a self-assessment questionaire. Patients take this information to their doctors at each visit to communicate valuable feedback of their individual progress, and report any side effects experienced.

EasyINN is a reservation system used by Bed and Breakfast inns across the United States and Canada. Inn owners can take reservations online or over the phone, track individual guest needs, coordinate/book local activities with participating companies, process all payments and supply each guest with a detailed invoice.

Mill Manager is used by lumber mills across the United States to handle load and log processing. Once a truck arrives with raw logs, the load is weighed and a print ticket is provided to the driver to know the tonnage for each load. Cut lumber that is loaded onto outgoing trucks are weighed for DOT compliance. Easy to create reports make communicating with drivers fast to eliminate delays getting back on the road.

South Carolina Memories has been used by thousands of couples getting married in South Carolina to locate and select the vendors they will use in their wedding. Divided into 6 regions across the state, couples can select from 14 categories of vendors. Each selected vendor is managed in the couple's personal account. SCM is also an advertising portal for local and national brands as a platform to advertise their businesses.

Lowering IT Costs

Below are examples of how we have worked with companies to implement processes, establish procedures, sourced top vendors to manage product devlivery services while significantly lowering IT costs.

  • Relocated corporate data center to a secure cloud-based Level IV facility
  • Consolidated intellectual-property from individual workstations into a single access point
  • Organized and staffed team to develop/QA/support native iOS/Android/Portal apps
  • Changed the client implementation process from taking months down to days
  • Developed a standardized process for client claims and eligibility files
  • Standardized all products and processes for HIPAA/HITECH compliance
  • Architected and managed development of Platform-as-a-Service mobile apps and portals
  • Architected a scalable cloud-based computing model for hosting client applications
  • Data replication and recovery across US regions
  • Created an active-active disaster recovery plan
  • Implemented a cloud-based intrusion detection and event management security center


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