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Employer Strategy Consulting

Regardless of size, industry or economic condition, have a winning employer strategy

Employer Experience

Stop guessing why you do not have more wins with this important group. Our consistent success of designing, gaining approvals and delivering true innovations in complicated medium, large and jumbo employers regardless of industry will change your track record.

Be a "Partner" NOT a "Vendor"

Employers own the results from each year, and much depends on the type of companies they utilize for service delivery. We help vendors (work only in their box) become suppliers (some innovation), and ultimately become a true business partner for your clients.

Successful Preparation

Being on the buyer’s side of the table for countless vendor presentations, we understand their mindset. We help others prepare for success prior to even the first call. Benefit from knowing how decisions are made, and develop a winning strategy through proper preparation.


Typically, totally missed. Symptoms include poor engagement, low ROI, and being replaced at the end of your contract with another supplier. From our experiences with many different employee situations, we help you understand the real customer, and how to remain relevant in each of these perspectives.

Resourceful Networking

Our reputation, personal brand and accomplishments have provided exposure to a wide array of individuals and businesses that can support future success. Our win-win approach to all we do has built trust and relationships. We only reach out to our network if we are certain our clients are ready, and a true value add exists for those we contact.

Headwind Protection

When all the “No’s” are addressed, “Yes” must remain. We help you anticipate all the barriers, solve for them and build your story. In today’s marketplace, don’t bother leaving home unless you understand how your company impacts operations and business performance.

Making 1+1=3

You are a part of a solution, not the answer. Our extensive supplier management experiences will help you gain a solid idea of where you fit in, and how you can work with others to add exceptional value through a remarkable employee experience.